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Cool Aunt Pen Set

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Are you sure we're allowed to do this?

Hey there, fabulously fun aunts (and the cheeky nieces and nephews shopping for them)! We've got the perfect gift to match that sassy spirit and flair for mischief.

Need a pen to sign off on those secret ice-cream-for-breakfast permissions? Or maybe jot down the lyrics to the latest (and coolest) song no parent has ever heard of? We've got you covered with our Cool Aunt Pen Set !

  • Spoil All Day, Hand 'em Back All Night
  • Here, Let Me Teach You Some of the Fun Words
  • President of the Cool Aunts Club
  • Unfiltered Aunt
  • Call Me When You're Ready for Your First Tattoo

So, if you're wondering what to gift that aunt who's basically a partner-in-candy-crime, or if you're the aunt (we salute you, by the way!) looking to flaunt your fun-side, grab this pen set. Let the adventures and mischief begin!

Black ink. Set of 5 retractable ballpoint, clip pens with chubby barrels.

Note: No nieces or nephews were over-sugared in the making of this product. Well, maybe just a few... but they had fun! 😉