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Sloth Keychain with LED + Sound

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Keep calm and sloth on. 🔦🦥

Light your path to the front door at your own pace with our Sloth Keychain with LED + Sound! A cute gift idea for the slow moving sloth-boy or sloth-girl in your life. We're totally cool if they want to move through life at an exhaustively slow pace - as long as we're not stuck behind them!

  • Sloth Keychain with LED + Sound
  • He may be slow moving, but this little fella can hang with the best of them!
  • Includes one sloth-shaped rubberized plastic figure with an LED light and unleashes an indescribable sound at the push of a button - you'll have to hear it for yourself!
  • He comes wih a spring-loaded carabiner key chain that makes him easy to attach to your lunch sack, purse, or back pack!

Grey or brown sloth key chain. (We'll select the color - actually, they will choose you!) Sloth measures approximately 1.5 inches long x 1.3 inch wide x 2 inches tall. Our Sloth Keychain with LED + Sound is a fun stocking stuffer!