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Red Alert Red Alert!

Looking to clear the room? Fire a warning shot with our Emergency Fart Button! The opposite of a SBD (Silent But Deadly) this handy little gadget will allow you to wield the power of imminent disaster, by seemingly unleashing the byproducts of Taco Tuesday.

Every time you tap the button, a thunderous fart sound emerges. Features six different sounds and a finale that rips through all 6 sounds.

  • Movie prop worthy, iconic "big red button" design
  • Hit the red button when you want to let one loose
  • Fart finale on the 7th press rips through all butt burps in a chilling crescendo

Rip-roaring fun for the whole family! A clever stocking stuffer or gift for the potty humor lover in your family. Safer than letting an actual fart fly - it will not cause choking, vomiting, and there is no threat of a shart attack.

Electronic fart machine. Mimics the familiar sounds brought about by the expulsion of intestinal gases through the anus. Measures approximately 3.5 X 1.5 X 3.5 inches. Our Emergency Fart Button requires AAA batteries, included.


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