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It's time to book your flight!

If you're looking for a novel passport wallet, then we've got you covered! Our retro-futuristic Choose Your Own Destination is a throwback to choose-your-own-adventure role-playing books from your youth!

As it turns out, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover! After all, you are the protagonist of your own life, navigating through a series of possible adventures... every choice impacting your destiny and leading you to potential doom!

  • Choose Your Own Destination: I'm On Vacation
  • Retro sci-fi passport wallet features a passport flap, three card slots, and an extra pocket for cash, small travel documents, etc.
  • Designed to mimic the front and back cover of a secret-path book
  • Grab your passport extra undies! Choose from a million places to go!
  • An awesome gift idea for the adventurous traveler!

Get ready for the ultimate adventure. Your bags are packed. Your outfits are planned. Your neighbor promised they would get the mail. You've just sat down at the airport bar for a glass of wine at 11 am, because, hey, no one knows what timezone you're traveling from. Just as you're about to turn that vacation responder on, your boss emails you with the subject line "URGENT SOS."

What happens next? It depends on the choices you make!

Durable vegan leather. Measures 4.2 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall when closed. Charlotte Saul, Fred Studio. Our Choose Your Own Destination Passport Wallet is a fun and unique on voyage present!

Fred & Friends - Choose Your Own Destination Passport Wallet

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