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Fun, amazing and unique products so fresh they're not even available yet! Coming soon to Perpetual Kid! Cut in front of the line and take advantage of our magical seeing into the future abilities!  More coming soon!

Hot Dog Tea Infuser


Hot diggity dog! Our Hot Dog Tea Infuser has turned out to be our mug’s best friend! Simply fill this adorable dachshund-shaped tea infuser with your favorite loose tea, perch him in your cup, then obediently wait for the tea to steep...

Purrtea Tea Kitty Cat Infuser


Our Purrtea Tea Kitty Cat Infuser will help brew the purrrfect cup of tea! Just fill this adorable kitty shaped tea infuser with your favorite loose tea leaves, hang its little paws on the edge of your cup, and you’ll be curling up with the...

Shine + Dine Menu Lamp


A glowing example of fun and function, our Shine + Dine Menu Lamp is totally lit! It offers a little light, right where you need it. Struggling to read the menu in that dimly-lit restaurant? Reach for Shine + Dine, the adorable miniature table lamp that...

Office Party Stapler Corkscrew


Our cleverly disguised Office Party Stapler Corkscrew won't leave you screwed over the next time an impromptu, in-house, happy hour breaks out at work! While it may look like a mild-mannered regular ole standard office stapler, its secret identity...