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Coming soon to Perpetual Kid! Fun, amazing and unique products so fresh they're not even available yet! Cut in front of the line and take advantage of our magical seeing into the future abilities!  More Coming Soon, coming soon! Don't forget to sign-up to receive notifications! On each product page you'll have the opportunity to enter your email address so we can notify you when the moment that item becomes available!

Think Again Brain Eraser


Mind your mistakes Having trouble getting your thoughts together? Our Think Again Brain Eraser is the spare brain you always needed! This eraser stores conveniently on your desk in its apothecary-style jar, ready to inspire or assist in editing your copy...

Shrimp Cocktail Drink Markers


Shrimply the best wine charms Worried about losing track of your drink? Just krill out and add one of our Shrimp Cocktail Drink Markers to the rim of your glass! This set includes 6 uniquely colored shrimp-shaped charms, so that way there's no...

Cook's Carrot Peeler And Scrubber


Not peelin’ it in the kitchen these days?  We're totally rooting for you! And our adorably designed Cook's Carrot Peeler And Scrubber will help you get your groove back. This two-sided, handy prep tool lets you scrub and peel your favorite...

Giant 7 Foot Tall Elephant Yard Sprinkler


Our Giant Elephant Yard Sprinkler will make your summer unforgettable! (Get it?? Elephants don't forget!) Anyhoo, in case you haven't herd, there's a new sprinkler just stomped into town and will likely make all other sprinklers seem completely...

Ginormous Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler


Life can be all sunshine and rainbows Somewhere over the rainbow our Gigantic Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler will not fly! Why? Because it includes four stakes to keep this giant inflatable giant rainbow tunnel anchored in reality and your yard. Larger...

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