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Hunk Pool Ring


Secure yourself a spring fling with our Pop Fix Hunk Pool Ring! He's a hunk'a hunk'a floating love. This fabulous floating hunk is the ultimate pool buddy and he’ll even hold your cocktail. Keep your cool as you relax in his muscly arms, the sturdy...

Freida The Pink Flamingo Flock Star Sprinkler


We're sprinkled pink and it feels so flamingood! Our positively radiant Freida The Flamingo Flock Star Sprinkler is single and ready to flamingle!  This little cutie is easy to inflate and attached to a standard garden house! Not just for kids,...

Ginormous T-Rex Dinosaur Yard Sprinkler


Our Ginormous T-Rex Dinosaur Yard Sprinkler is a sight for saur eyes on one of those long summer days when you feel you may just extinct yourself right then and there! The brain child of Big Mouth Toys this giant dinosaur shaped sprinkler will...

Ginormous Ape Yard Sprinkler


Gorillas in the mist With our Ginormous Ape Yard Sprinkler you'll be the chimp-ion of the next neighborhood BBQ or get-together! We're not monkeying around! Okay, actually yes, yes we are. Gibbon the chance, you would too. Measures over 7 feet...

Ginormous Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler


Life can be all sunshine and rainbows Somewhere over the rainbow our Gigantic Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler will not fly! Why? Because it includes four stakes to keep this giant inflatable giant rainbow tunnel anchored in reality and your yard...

Ginormous Monster Yard Sprinkler


Have monster fun in the sun! Stand within spitting distance of our Ginormous Monster Yard Sprinkler if you're looking to have a scary good time under the giant flaming ball in the sky! What could you possibly do to make a monster loving kid's...

Gigantic Pink Elephant Yard Sprinkler


You're not hallucinating! Our deliriously fun Gigantic Pink Elephant Yard Sprinkler is ready to crash your next picnic, BBQ, or keg party! You have never seen a sprinkler like this! Our Gigantic Pink Elephant Yard Sprinkler is larger than life,...

Giant 7 Foot Tall Elephant Yard Sprinkler


Our Giant Elephant Yard Sprinkler will make your summer unforgettable! (Get it?? Elephants don't forget!) Anyhoo, in case you haven't herd, there's a new sprinkler just stomped into town and will likely make all other sprinklers seem completely...