Cool As Sh*t Gifts

What the f*ck else did you think you'd find in our Cool As Sh*t Gifts category? Behold, our amazing hand-picked selection of essential f*cking gifts.  Imagine the cloud of profanity that will spill from your foul-mouthed friend's mouth as they unleash their excitement. Packed with sarcasm and wit, we swear you're going to want one of each for yourself! Sh*t. We guaran-f*cking-tee it... Find cool as sh*t gifts for all of your f*cking friends and family.

Wash Your Dirty Mouth Out Candy Soap Lollipops


Raising the Bar on Nostalgic Candy Got a bad mouth with a sweet tooth? Then our naughty but nice Wash Your Dirty Mouth Out Candy Soap Lollipops will sweeten that deliciously vulgar pie hole of yours. A throwback to the good ole days when having your...

Giant F-Bomb Mug


Drop the F-Bomb! If you need to drop the F-Bomb but fear the wrath of a nearby boss, mother or nun, then you need our F-Bomb mug. It gets the point across with a mouthful of coffee—not soap. Holds 14 oz. of your favorite beverage Great for...

Best F*cking B*tches Necklace Set


BFF or BFB? What do you give to the one person who has been through thick and thin, the good, the bad, and the ugly and still puts up with your sh*t and loves you like no other? Well, until they need a kidney, try sharing a laugh with your BFF by...

I Don't Need Directions, I Have A Penis Gum


Candy Coated Gum For Guys With Built In GPS Our refreshingly crass I Don't Need Directions, I Have A Penis Gum isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Stop the car! I'm getting out... a piece of gum to cut this tension with some much needed laughter...

Polite as F*ck Gym Socks


Are you a polite person?  Our daringly discourteous Polite as F*ck Gym Socks are as colorful as the ill-mannered language they put on display! You're such a model citizen, but you need these socks to really let everyone know! Polite as fuck, you...

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