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What the f*ck else did you think you'd find in our Cool As Sh*t Gifts category? Behold, our amazing hand-picked selection of essential f*cking gifts.  Imagine the cloud of profanity that will spill from your foul-mouthed friend's mouth as they unleash their excitement. Packed with sarcasm and wit, we swear you're going to want one of each for yourself! Sh*t. We guaran-f*cking-tee it... Find cool as sh*t gifts for all of your f*cking friends and family.

Giant F-Bomb Mug

$14.99 $13.19

Drop the F-Bomb! If you need to drop the F-Bomb but fear the wrath of a nearby boss, mother or nun, then you need our F-Bomb mug. It gets the point across with a mouthful of coffee—not soap. Holds 14 oz. of your favorite beverage Great for anyone...

I Don't Need Directions, I Have A Penis Gum


Candy Coated Gum For Guys With Built In GPS Our refreshingly crass I Don't Need Directions, I Have A Penis Gum isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Stop the car! I'm getting out... a piece of gum to cut this tension with some much needed laughter. Fragile...

I Love My Asshole Kids Oven Mitt


The mother of all oven mitts Our disarming and charming, I Love My Asshole Kids. Oven Mitt will hold a special place in your heart, just like you kiddos do, while allowing you to hold hot items! Neato!  Even the most innocent, put-together, June...

F*ck It Gum


Pardon Our Fucking French What's my new personal motto you ask? F*CK IT! Pardon my French. With 8 pieces of this delicious fruit flavored gum, you'll get your point across quickly! Pack measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall.

I'll Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt


Hungry? Embracing the challenges of fatherhood our I'll Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt is a nod to the king of the BBQ! What's that? You brought some friends home from school? You invited the neighborhood over for dinner? When will dinner be ready? It's...

The Universe is Kind of a Dick Socks


Embrace the suck with our The Universe is Kind of a Dick Socks! Sure things may look bad now, but bad news in a cutie-pie cat, red dress, and yellow shoe-clad, blue-eyed kitten package ain't really all that bad in the end.  Enjoy giving the universe...

Ringmaster of the Sh*tshow Men's Socks


My Circus, My Monkeys Our painfully honest and equally hilarious Ringmaster of the Shitshow Men's Socks are toe'tally perfect for everyday use, but especially for family gatherings! For much as you'd like to distance yourself from the mayhem and declare...

I'm Sorry I Called You An Asshole, I Thought You Knew Gum


Everyone Should Carry A Lot Of This Gum Sometimes you have to remind people that you can be an asshole too.  That's why it's best to carry our I'm Sorry I Called You An Asshole I Thought You Knew Gum on you at all times!  You never know when a...

B*tches Get Stuff Done Oven Mitt


B*tch is the new black Our B*tches Get Stuff Done Oven Mitt is the perfect kitchen accessory for the non-conforming, sometimes foul-mouthed, matriarch. We don't conform! We chop wood, we build blazing fires, and yeah, we also use oven mitts. Take that,...

I Gave A F*ck, Once Socks


There's not much to say about our I Gave a F*ck, Once Socks that they don't already convey!     There was a time, way back before, in the olden days, at which you cared.   A little, not a lot.   Never did you ever give TWO F*cks...

Motherf*cker Better Card Me Gum


Of course, yes, I do have my license! So I've see your little sign that says you card under 45.  You can't even imagine what I will do to you if you don't card me! Forever ago... We took a friend's mom out to lunch at a beach bar for her 50th...

Busy Making A F*cking Difference Socks


Our Busy Making a F*cking Difference Socks goes to show you that just because you're altruistic, doesn't mean you can't cuss like a sailor! The cool thing about "a fucking difference" is that everyone can make one. And we just love when shit's all...

Up Yours Socks


Up Yours Just Seems Nicer With Rainbows Socks For those days when you reluctantly have to play nice... you can tuck away your true feelings into your favorite kicks with our delightfully outspoken Up Yours Women's Crew Socks. Or if you're feeling bold...

I F*cking Love It Out Here Men's Socks


Take a hike? Hill yes! Our I Fucking Love It Out Here Men's Socks are looking for a reason to stretch your legs and answer the call of the wild! Question: If a man in a forest shouts, "I fucking love it out here!" and no one hears it, does he make a...

Holy Sh*t I Love You Dish Towel


Our Holy Shit I Love You Dish Towel features a pair of star-crossed lovers locking eyes across a crowded pasture. Or, a casual staring contest between buddies. You decide. Whether you like to spend time in the kitchen cooking, eating, or gabbing, this...

This Is F*cking Delicious Oven Mitt


You know that meal was f*cking delicious, so why not pat yourself on the back with our This is F*cking Delicious Oven Mitt! A tasty juxtaposition of saccharine sweet and hilariously profane. Everyone loves baked mac and cheese. Now have some fun taking...

Take No Sh*t, Give No F*cks Socks


Our preposterously tranquil Take No Shit Give No Fucks Women's Socks are the perfect way to calmly express yourself when you have not a single fuck left to give. Have you perfected the fine art of not giving a fuck, know someone who has, or know someone...

Wash Your Dirty Mouth Out Candy Soap Lollipops


Raising the Bar on Nostalgic Candy Got a bad mouth with a sweet tooth? Then our naughty but nice Wash Your Dirty Mouth Out Candy Soap Lollipops will sweeten that deliciously vulgar pie hole of yours. A throwback to the good ole days when having your...

Best F*cking B*tches Necklace Set


BFF or BFB? What do you give to the one person who has been through thick and thin, the good, the bad, and the ugly and still puts up with your sh*t and loves you like no other? Well, until they need a kidney, try sharing a laugh with your BFF by...

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