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Count Huggin-Daz Whim Wham

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What do you get when you take three instances of pop-culture phenomena and throw them into a blender of silliness?  A Whim Wham!  Each of these lovable characters are an agglomeration of gut wrenching adorableness represented in a super awesome plush toy!

Introducing... the sickeningly sweet and affectionately rabid rabbit - Count Huggin-Daz Whim Wham!  A trend mash-up of bunny + ice cream cone + vampire!

A die hard sugar fiend, and employee of the famous ice creamery in Georgetown (the one situated a few store fronts down from Wassup Doc Marten's store) our overzealous pal is now limited to the evening shift.

You see... this not so lucky rabbit, had an unexpected encounter one evening while hopping up the Exorcist stairs on his way home... Let's just say, now his sweet tooth just happens to be fanged and lusts after sugar laden blood.  

Limited to nibbling necks for dinner - he prefers his snack to be infused with a rush of sugar... so while you're stumbling out the door after devouring your Midnight Dazzler Sundae... he may just hop out at ya and take you under the bridge to make you a midnight snack of his own.

Join Count Huggin-Daz on his hare raising misadventures in vamping!

Plush.  Measures approximately 11 inches tall x 9 inches wide.  100% awesome.