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Joke Cracked Iphone Screen Sticker

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We've all been there.  We've dropped our phone and when it stopped bouncing it was face down.  You're almost too scared to pick it up for fear of a cracked screen.  And when it is actually broken - Oh, man.  What a huge crushing feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Now, imagine that you could get your hands on your friends phone and apply our Cracked iPhone Screen Sticker.  Then carefully and safely drop the phone as you hand it back to them.  Have the cameras ready when they pick it up because you'll want to save that look as it turns from the horror of a cracked screen, to the rage of you breaking their screen, to the continued rage as you tell them it's just a prank!

Have fun with this modern-day classic prank, but be careful and be ready to run! 


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