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Tripped Out Crazy Plant Lady Socks


Are you a whore for horticulture?

If sow, weed thought you'd love to plant your feet into our totally tripped out Crazy Plant Lady Socks!  There’s nothing wrong with being wild about your seeds, weeds, and anything in between!  We love talking to our plants, but when they start talking back to you… weed suggest pulling back on the devil lettuce.  Hey... did that daisy just blink at us?

  • Tripped Out Crazy Plant Lady Women's Crew Length Socks
  • Adorned with trippin' daisies, psychedelic mushrooms, Venus fly traps, and a leaf or two that leaves much to the imagination.
  • A fun gift for your best bud, and quirky + devoted plant lover
  • Made with crazy soft combed cotton for kushy comfort
  • One size fits most - can you dig it?

One pair of socks. 80% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 2% spandex.  Machine wash cold, tumble dry medium. Do not bleach. Designed by Groovy Things, Co. a family run company headquartered out of Frisco, Texas. Our Tripped Out Crazy Plant Lady Socks are fresh for the picking!

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