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Cream-Pop Lollipops


They're the cream of the crop!

A dream-cicle come true, our Cream-Pop Lollipops are designed to look like classic ice-cream pops! They come on a thick wooden pop-sicle stick in six different exciting color and flavor combinations!

  • Strawberry/Vanilla (Pink & White)
  • Orange/Vanilla (Orange & White)
  • Blueberry/Vanilla (Blue & White)
  • Banana/Vanilla (Yellow & White)
  • Cherry/Vanilla (Red & White)
  • Grape/Vanilla (Purple & White)

Hand made in the USA by Melville Candy, they utilize a hard candy recipe that's been in the family for over 75 years. These colorful pops are eye candy in their own right, and a delightful gourmet lollipop! A fun birthday gift, or for any other holiday!

Includes one hand-poured lollipop. Made in the USA and available in Pink & White (Strawberry/Vanilla), Orange & White (Orange/Vanilla), Blue & White (Blueberry/Vanilla), Yellow & White (Banana/Vanilla), Red & White (Cherry/Vanilla) or Purple & White (Grape/Vanilla). Individually wrapped Each lollipop weighs 1.5 oz. These lollipops are hand poured so slight variations will occur. Our Cream-Pop Lollipops have a lot of character and flavor!

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