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Crest Of Awesomeness T-Shirt

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PK EXCLUSIVE!  Handle-barred, winged & starred t-shirt design from Perpetual Kid!

So to just give you guys a little background on our Crest of Awesomeness T-Shirt design.  Were basically sitting around a table pitching ideas with some lemonade and the following conversation may or may not have happened.
"A nautical star! Everyone loves nautical stars, from hipsters to sailors?"

"Nah, something with wings! Like the noble Pegasus or the mighty gryphon!" [awkward silence]

"Dude. One word. 'Mustache.' Done."

"Hmm, while each of these is an awesome idea, none of them are quite awesome enough. C'mon, people, I know you can be more creative than this!"

Right, so, introducing our Crest of Awesomeness shirt, which features a nautical star AND wings AND a handlebar mustache, all in one triumphant design!

If you're at all hesitant to get one of these for yourself out of fear that you can't handle this amount of extreme bada**ness, we've spoken with your mother and she's assured us that you're absolutely gosh-darn good enough to wear this shirt. 

Also that you're the coolest kid in school and you're quite a catch.

Awesome black shirt with epic yellow and red design.  100% ring-spun cotton.  All of our t-shirts are a soft and comfortable fit with a modern look and feel for both men and women.

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