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It's better than spooning!

Hasta la vista soggy cereal! The CrunchCup keeps your cereal crunchy... yep, life changing! The milk and cereal don't actually meet until they hit your mouth. Your cereal can now easily be portable, you don't need to lug the box and milk carton around with you anymore!


  1. Add cereal to the inner cup
  2. Add milk into the outer cup
  3. Screw on the lid
  4. Eat crunchy cereal


  • Save time in the mornings
  • Makes your life happier and more fulfilling
  • Helps with Portion Control
  • Everyone will want to be you

The CrunchCup holds a little over one official serving size of cereal (i.e. just about 30 grams or 1 ounce of cereal). The outer chamber can hold up to 12 oz of milk.

Dishwasher-Safe & BPA FREE. High-grade Tritan plastic. Includes a 2-Year Product Warranty. Measures 3.9 inches wide x 8.8 tall.

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