Cube Goodies + Office Toys

Who says working at an office has to be totally boring?  Just pack your cubical with cool stuff to allow your inner child some recess time while suffering through the most boring of conference calls!  Or just lighten the mood with some harmless pranks!  Find hilarious cube goodies, office toys, and excellent gifts ideas for co-workers!  You'll be the hit of the water cooler with our awesome cube goodies + office toys!

Itty-Bitty Marquee


A gift that's totally lit! Light up your life (and witty sarcastic remarks) with our thoughtful Itty-Bitty Marquee! A fun, cool, and creative way to leave messages for your roomies, loved ones, or co-workers! This customizable kit includes: A...

Office Supplies Paint-by-Number Postcards Kit


Cool iconic designs! Our devastatingly kitschy + cool Office Supplies Paint-by-Number Postcards Kit will guide you in creative amazing pop-art-like paintings of vintage workplace objects. Inspired by vintage paint-by-number allows anyone to unleash...

Pooping At Work Hand Sanitizer


So one minute you're looking your colleagues in the eye, working on work stuff.  The next minute you're seperated by mere inches of a bathroom stall with your pants down.  Down!Is the hand dryer at the office just recycling all those fart germs...

Pumped Up High Heel Magnets


Stick a stiletto on it with our Pumped Up High Heel Magnets! That's right, these sassy red high heels are happy to tell you exactly where you can stick it! Whether it's  in your fridge, locker, or the metal plate in your ex-boyfriends head. (We have...

Parasite Pals Pencil Toppers


Human leeches like your freeloading brother, money mooching friend and emotional vampire gal pal tend to give all parasites a bad rap... but there's a host of charming ones that are down right peachy! Our Parasite Pals Pencil Toppers are tiny parasites...

The Daily Mood Flipchart


Some days the office is like a tea party, other days it's a lion's den. That's why The Daily Mood is a crucial desktop accessory! This fun flip-chart spells out everyone's demeanor in no uncertain terms. There are 47 moods to choose from, each with its...

Tongue Ties Dog Cable Ties


Dog.  Man's best friend.  But of course every relationship has it's up and downs... like when they dig for Tootsie Rolls in the litter box and then giving you a big slobbery kiss right afterwards. All in all, that's not so terrier-able...

Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum


Be sure to over share. A cup of coffee and a roll of toilet paper... a perfectly fine way to start the day! Popping a piece of our invigorating Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum is like brewing up a pot of relief!  You may not be irregular around here, so...

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