Cube Goodies + Office Toys

Who says working at an office has to be totally boring?  Just pack your cubical with cool stuff to allow your inner child some recess time while suffering through the most boring of conference calls!  Or just lighten the mood with some harmless pranks!  Find hilarious cube goodies, office toys, and excellent gifts ideas for co-workers!  You'll be the hit of the water cooler with our awesome cube goodies + office toys!

Uncanny Cocktail Wiener Erasers


Oh, don't be such a weenie! Of course, our Uncanny Cocktail Wiener Erasers are the perfect departure gift from a less than admirable ex-boyfriend! Particularly after you discovered he was just a pig in a blanket. I mean, there are wurst things you...

Wash Away Useless Meetings Hand Soap


Just read the damn email! Rid yourself of those ineffective and mundane assemblies with our Wash Away Useless Meetings Hand Soap. Can it be done? Can these useless meetings actually be washed away? I mean, until people start actually reading the emails,...

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