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Cupcake Popping Candy


Your mouth won't be able to shut the fucupcake!

When you're having a good for muffin kind of day, our Cupcake Popping Candy is happy to add some pep to your step, with an explosion of cupcake'y goodness.

Both cupcake and candy fans won’t be able to resist trying these mini candies with a popping center. One pack won’t be enough – they’ll just have to try them all.

  • Popping candy bites with colorful candy coating
  • Perfect to eat on their own or as an exciting cupcake topping
  • Choose from 3 classic cupcake flavors: Strawberry Shortcake, Cocoa Swirl, Confetti Funfetti
  • These cakes don’t rise but they sure pop with flavor!

One Pack. Choose between 3 different yummy flavors. Each package contains .53 oz per pack. Our Cupcake Popping Candy is a fun stocking stuffer and gift topper!

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