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Dazzling Unicorn Crystal Keychain
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Dazzling Unicorn Crystal Keychain

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Our totally charming Dazzling Unicorn Crystal Keychain is the perfect accessory for anyone which possesses the highly coveted qualities of a unicorn! No, we're not talking about having a long horn growing out of your forehead. Honestly, you might want to see a doctor about that.

We're talking about those crazy unique souls that march to the beat of their own drum, never letting anyone else dictate their life or who or what they should like.

So if you're freaking magical and unicorns are your thing, you'll enjoy showing off your love for them you'll find this little doodad irresistible! This pink iridescent unicorn is covered in dozens of tiny luminous crystals that that seem to change colors when viewed from different angles. It also features a tiny bundle of tassels to make you feel even more graceful!

Sure, your other ride may be a unicorn, but sometimes you may just want to drive... and where else would you choose to store your keys to your car and home, than with this pretty pink filly! She works like a charm! Literally! You can just hang this mystical creature off your handbag, purse, book bag, backpack, or work badge for some extra flair.

One key chain. Made of fabulous pink pleather in the shape of a unicorn covered in tiny iridescent crystals. Measures approximately 3.55 inches tall x 3.14 inches wide. Our Pink Dazzling Unicorn Crystal Keychain is an awesome gift for unicorn lovers!