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Deal With This Self-Inking Stamper

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When the urge to wield a rubber stamp strikes, an ink pad is rarely at hand. Imprint style and wit on the plainest of pages with the latest in impression-making technology.  With our oh-so-funny, all-in-one Deal With This Self-Inking Stamper, blank paper doesnt stand a chance!

Our Deal With This Self-Inking Stamper is great on mimeograph paper, fine stationery, personal notes, legal document, TPS reports, and human flesh.   Push and enjoy the smooth, satisfying ker-chunk that only comes from certifiably fine stampers!

So easy to use... cavemen and middle management have been seen using our stampers without asking for help!   Makes the perfect office gift for your boss or coworkers.

Measures 3 inches tall x 3 inches wide.  Imprint area measures 2 inches x .8 inches.


Gift Ideas

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