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Escape! Deep Sea Critter Lid Lifters



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Color Changing Kitchen Creatures

Our heat-sensitive color-changing, Escape! Deep Sea Critters Lid Lifters will keep your pots from boiling over, and keep you from getting in hot water!
Slip our silicone octopus tentacle or crab claw on top of your stock pot and you'll never have dreaded boil-over again.
They'll hold up your lid just so and evoke an exciting scenario of "escape from the briny deep!"  
Escape! lid lifters are molded from heat-sensitive color-changing silicone, so they are basically the hyper color shirt of your kitchen.  Awesome!
Set of 2 silicone lid lifters.  One crab.  One octopus.  Each measures approximately 2.75 inches long.  Our Escape! Deep Sea Critter Lid Lifters will provided tons of puzzled looks and laughs.

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