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Deluxe Finger Monster Set



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Boxed Set of Scary

Do you know the secret of shopping at Perpetual Kid?  One of these super silly sneaky monsters ships out with each order of $10+!  That way they can keep an eye (or four) on your goodies during their trip!  Don't worry, there are plenty of biodegradable packing peanuts to keep them from snacking on your products.  Just make sure you take good care of them for us, mkay?  We wonder which one will pick you?!?!
Our Finger Monsters have been secretly running away from our warehouse! We've heard reports from our customers that they have found them stowing away in orders. We just don't understand they have a great 401k and 3 weeks of paid vacation!
This fancy set of four fabulous Deluxe Finger Monsters have unique coloring that makes them stand out from the pack!
Adopt your gang of stowaways today!   Rodney, Geeze, Glog, and Spike are ready to take over your personal space and create shenanigans all around.
Set of four 1.5 tall mischievous rubber monster pals.  Free with purchase is one individual finger monster. 

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