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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy... so add some fun to your workday with our awesome collection of fun office stuff!  Soon you'll hardly mind being stuck on conference calls all day, eating at your desk, or running late to happy hour! We love sharing quirky gifts ideas for co-workers and employees as well as fun desk accessories for your desk!  We guarantee you will be the hit of the next pink elephant exchange!

Enchanted Unicorn Notepads


Unicorn Quest! Sure, you may be filled with dark, angry thoughts at times, but you can write those somewhere else!  Take a vacation from negativity with our Enchanted Unicorn Notebooks!  They're the perfect place to capture those sunny...

Magic Poo


#1 Poopy Stocking Stuffer! If you're always looking for sh*t to play with our Magic Poo is the one for you! This crap is magic! Well, kinda sorta, anyway.  Use this frighteningly realistic poo to play pranks, relieve stress, and entertain your inner...

Desktop Disco Fever Kit


Ain't no stopping us now! We've got our Desktop Disco Fever Kit! Lights! Sound! Boogie! Our funkadelic Desktop Disco Fever Kit has everything you need to get down, get down. This groovy kit includes just what you need to set the stage...

Icy Pops Scented Puzzle Eraser


Fruit scented! Our fantastic Icy Pops Scented Puzzle Eraser Set comes with 4 popsicle shaped erasers that you can mix and match and create all sorts of cute pencil eraser color combinations. Erase pencil mistakes with cute pencil erasers that look like...

Bird's Eye View Sharpener + Pencil Holder


A little birdie told us they want to hold your pencil! Our colorful pink and orange Bird's Eye View Sharpener And Pencil Holder is the perfect pencil companion for everyone!  The Bird's Eye View holds on to your pencil and is a pencil sharpener...

GRL PWR Eraser Set


Girl Power! Make mistakes a thing of the past with our empowering GRL PWR Eraser Set. Use them for work or for art, rubbing out misspelled words or to add highlights to your drawings. Set of 4 erasers - never be without one when you need one 4 different...

Pooping At Work Hand Sanitizer


So one minute you're looking your colleagues in the eye, working on work stuff.  The next minute you're seperated by mere inches of a bathroom stall with your pants down.  Down!Is the hand dryer at the office just recycling all those fart germs...

World's Smallest Perplexus


Easy to Play... Hard to Master! We can describe the World's Smallest Perplexus in one word. A-maze-ing. *badum tssh* Perplexus Original now comes in a miniature pocket-sized edition so you can keep playing on the go! This 3D maze has always been a fun...