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We challenge you to find a cooler mini-sport game than our Desktop Tetherball Game! It's got childhood nostalgia and death-match fun all wrapped into one!

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Unleash your inner Napoleon Dynamite

Bring the fun of your favorite recess game to the office with our Desktop Tetherball Game!

Studies show that having a ball to smack to around on your desk, greatly reduces the urge to smack an annoying co-worker in the face. Now you have a healthy (HR Approved) outlet to vent your frustrations by challenging them to a merciless deathmatch of this "athletic" game.

This fully portable and smackable kit includes:

  • 9 inches metal stationary pole on base, with attached rope and ball
  • 32-page illustrated mini book with history, trivia, and the rules of the game

You may not be able to get a formal recess break at work - but you can always sneak in a quick game of tetherball! Just a refresher on the basics:

  • Dope be a dope and touch the rope
  • No stopping the ball and serving it again
  • You're not allowed to punch the ball more than once, during your turn 
  • You grab the pole, you lose

If you're looking for a gift for a co-worker or childhood friend, this one is tough to beat!

Our  Desktop Tetherball Game Kit includes: one nine metal stationary pole on base, with attached rope and ball, along with a 32-page illustrated mini book by Alan Goldsher with history, trivia, and the rules of the game of tetherball. Kit measures approximately Size 2.75 x 2.75 x 9 inches tall. Our Desktop Tetherball Game is ready to unleash a beat down.

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Desktop Tetherball Game Stocking Stuffer
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