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Doctor Who Tardis Tent

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Getting your hands on a real life TARDIS is nearly impossible... as most of us just arent able to harness huon energy.  Our amazing TARDIS Tent however, is completely tangible and looks just like the iconic blue police box from the sci-fi great, Dr. Who!

Put your bowtie on and get ready to experience adventures both indoors and outdoors, with time and relative dimensions in space, just like the Doctor!  As we know, the Tardis is much bigger on the inside and this ultra-cool tent appears to be the same, with a realistic full print of the internal heart of the ever whhhewwww wheeeeewwwshhhh weeeewwweeew vorp voooorrpr vooooorp-ing time traveling ship!

The classic blue box exterior of this canvas tent is the perfect disguise for its expandable high-tech innards.

Replicating the 11th Doctors Tardis, this canvas play capsule stands 61 inches tall, and measures 35 inches wide when closed.  Adult assembly required unless trying to exterminate.