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Dog Lovers Pen Set


Always looking for a doggone pen?

Are totally fetch Dog Lovers Pen Set is soon to be your new best friend! (Okay, 2nd in-line-best-friend!) 

Even if you're having a ruff day, as soon as you get your paws on one of these pens, you're day will feel a bit brigher, as memories of your true BFF come rushing in.

  • Dogs > People
  • Ask Me About My Dog
  • Sorry I Can't, I Have Plans with My Dog
  • Hi, Can I Pet Your dog?
  • Dogs Are Cheaper Than Therapy

A fun gift for (you guessed it) dog lovers! Whether they're family, friends, co-workers, or your fav teacher - we think they'll totally dig these fun stationery accouterments.

Black ink. Set of 5 retractable ball point, clip pens. Chubby barrels are brightly colored: orange, blue, lavender, yellow, red. You'll wonder howl you ever managed without our Dog Lovers Pen Set!

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