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Doggie Dollar Chew Toy

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Not every puppy will strike it rich like Little Orphan Annie's Sandy, but now your very own Fido can literally roll in the dough with our Doggie Dollar Chew Toy!  And trust us, there's worse things he could be rolling around in. (eh-hmm... poop.)

This squeaky stack of cash chew toy makes every pooch privileged.  Now when Atticus drifts off to sleep after a long day of playing in the park, you can imagine him spending his stack of cash on an endless plate of bacon strips and t-bones.

While money may not buy happiness, it sure can attract the bitches female dogs.  Relax, we're just yanking your chain!

Doggie dollar bills, ya'll!  Make it rain!

Disclaimer - This product is NOT for cats... as money, real or fake, has no value to them in their quest to dominate and take over the world.

Measures 5 inches long x 3 inches wide.  Made of PVC Plastic.


Gift Ideas

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