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Don't Hiss Me Off Halloween Snake Ring
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Don't Hiss Me Off Halloween Snake Ring

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Our freakishly charming Don't Hiss Me Off Snake Ring is simply the bessst. Because who doesn't want to wear a danger noodle on their hand?

While you may seem mild-mannered at first glance, you're letting bystanders know that you're ready to launch an attack if you feel threatened, or if they try to talk to you before you've had your first cup of coffee.

It's also the perfect ring to be wearing when you run into you that snake-in-the-grass charmer of an ex-boyfriend. It will remind you not to let him slither his way back into your life. You'll just be glad that dude is hiss-tory. Don't tread on me, sucka is your new mantra.

While we find this ring completely hiss-terical, it is not for the faint of heart. It may rattle some and strike fear into others. It's like carrying around a mini Temple of Doom relic on your finger.

But why do people find snakes so terrifying?

  • They don't have feet. A danger for those who are lack-toes intolerant.
  • They can't trip and fall over shit. No creature should possess such power.
  • They're perpetually angry ropes.

So, if you dig snakes, celebrating Halloween year round, or simply enjoy punk'y conversation rings, this ring is the gift for you!

One silver-plated zinc allow ring. Size 7. Snake measures approximately 2.12 inches long. Caution: Do not wear while traveling by air, because nobody wants any snakes on a m*ther fucking plane. Our Don't Hiss Me Off Snake Ring doesn't bite.