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Donut Forget Your Wallet
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Donut Forget Your Wallet

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It will be hard to miss our eye catching Donut Forget Your Wallet when it's time to run out the door to, well, make the donuts so you can earn some more dough, to buy more donuts! Ahh.. the circle of life, responsibility, and consumerism!

It's a sweet accessory and a fun gift for donut lovers - they won't be hole without it! For this wallet looks like a mmm mmm mmm frosted chocolate donut with sprinkles on top! It's the perfect place to stash your lunch money, library card, and Chuck E. Cheese coins - or your ID, metro card, along with your coffee and donut funds.

It's fresh baked flattened version of your beloved pastry so it will fit just about anywhere! Whether it's in your backpack, messenger bag, purse, fanny pack - you name it, its along for the ride. But it also comes with a trust key chain so you can it easily accessible in case of a snack emergency!

Made of vegan friendly pleather. It features a zipper closure, and a key ring. It's immeasurably cute, but that being said, it does measure approximately 5.5 inches wide x 3.75 inches tall. Our Donut Forget Your Wallet is not want to simply glaze over!