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Donut Gifts

Sink your teeth into our amazing collection of Donut Gifts! Sprinkled with awesomeness, there's a hole lot to chews from! There's more than a baker's dozen of tempting treats to glaze over. You're sure to find delicious gift ideas for your favorite foodie!

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Giant Frosted Donut Snow Tube Sled

$24.99 $12.49

Yay! Snow!! Donut just stand there with a glazed look on your face. Take a bite out of winter by hopping on our enormously fun, 3-foot wide Pink Frosted Donut Snow Tube! Complete with sprinkles, it’s an impossibly sweet and guilt-free treat!...

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Gigantic Pink Frosted Donut Beach Blanket

$23.69 $18.99

Gigantic Pink Frosted Donut Beach Blanket.  Nom Nom Nom Nom… Donut think we'd toy with your emotions like that.  You are not dreaming, but our Gigantic Pink Frosted Donut Beach Blanket is a great place to catch some zzz's on a sunny...

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Big Mouth Lil' Donut Kiddie Pool Float

$14.99 $9.99

Our Sprinkles of Fun Big Mouth Lil' Donut Kiddie Pool Float is an awesome pool accessory for an unforgettable childhood summer! We assume your little one follows in your footsteps... big personality with an appetite for laughs. So this adorable pool...

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Big Mouth Gigantic Donut Pool Float


Sit back, relax and fall into a giant donut!   Imagine yourself on a tropical island, just like the one that's obviously not Photoshop'd into our picture.   You're surrounded by waves and warmth and there's a refreshing beverage in your hand! ...

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Donut Worry, Be Happy Garden Gnome


We'd have to say... our Donut Worry, Be Happy Garden Gnome sure seems to have his life sorted out! He's having fun maxing and chillaxin' in a mini version of our famous Giant Donut Pool Float! Drink in hand, and ready for a day full of nothing...

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Frosted Donut Lunch Tote


There's no need to sugar coat it, our Frosted Donut Lunch Tote is as sweet as it gets! The "holey" grail of lunch pails, this pink glazed beauty with colorful sprinkles will leave the cool kids begging for you to sit at their table. They'll be so jelly,...

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Inflatable Frosted Donut Snack Serving Ring

$8.99 $5.99

There's dozens of reasons to love our Inflatable Frosted Donut Serving Ring a hole bunch! We've made party prep easy and fun, so you donut have to miss out on the festivities! Just inflate our Pink Frosted Donut Serving Ring, place a bowl in the center...

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The Magnificent Donut Hole Coffee Mug


Introducing the Holey Grail of all coffee mugs.  Guaranteed to turn any morning into a slam dunkin' good time... behold The Magnificent Donut Hole Mug. Move over creampuff.  Just ship our Nobel Prize now! There are some things that were just...

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Donuts + Cupcakes Note Pals Sticky Tabs


EEEEEEE! There's sticky stuff sprinkled all over your paperwork!! And it's totally cool because our incredibly sweet Donuts + Cupcakes Note Pals Sticky Tabs are just here to help hold your interest and keep you organized! You'll love adorning your...

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Donut Worry Be Happy Glitter Mug


Our warm and punny Donut Worry Be Happy Glitter Mug will brighten up your mornings with its shimmering optimism! Because everything is better with sprinkles, glitter, donuts, and coffee (!) this colorful pastel mug has some friendly reminders plastered...

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