Donut Gifts

Sink your teeth into our amazing collection of Donut Gifts! Sprinkled with awesomeness, there's a hole lot to chews from! There's more than a baker's dozen of tempting treats to glaze over. You're sure to find delicious gift ideas for your favorite foodie!


Treat Yo Self! Donut Vanilla Scents Of Humor Air Freshener


Our cheeky Treat Yo Self! Donut Vanilla Scents Of Humor Air Freshener will allow you to indulge yourself in the sweet smell of indulgence with a retro twist. You won't need to glaze upon it too long to get a healthy dose of nostalgia! Designed to...

Hormel Chili Can Safe


Beans are good at keeping people away! With our Hormel Chili Can Safe, your secret is safe with us! Most people keep a safe distance from beans, so you might as well take advantage of this fact, and exploit their gastric-intolerance by hiding your...

Donut Touch My Lunch Bag


There's no need to sugar coat it, our Frosted Donut Lunch Tote is as sweet as it gets! The "holey" grail of lunch pails, this pink glazed beauty with colorful sprinkles will leave the cool kids begging for you to sit at their table. They'll be so jelly,...

Lil' Donut Kiddie Pool Float With Shark Bite


Our Sprinkles of Fun Big Mouth Lil' Donut Kiddie Pool Float is an awesome pool accessory for an unforgettable childhood summer! We assume your little one follows in your footsteps... big personality with an appetite for laughs. So this adorable pool...

Giant Frosted Donut Snow Tube Sled


Snow days rule, donut you know? Our enormously fun Giant Frosted Donut Snow Tube Sled will help you take a bite out of winter! Yay! Snow!! Donut just stand there with a glazed look on your face. Take a bite out of winter by hopping on our 3-foot...

Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Floats

$9.99 $4.00

​Add some sweetness to your next pool party with our Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Floats. Meant for dips in the pool, not your morning cup o' joe, these nom-worthy beverage boats keep your standard size drink afloat with unbeatable flair! Sold...

Desk Donut Eraser And Pushpin Holder


Our mouth watering Desk Donut Eraser + Pin Holder is the stickiest and gooiest eye candy in Cube Town!  This magnificent, pink-frosted, donut eraser that’s “sprinkled” with 50 colorful pins for your corkboard is about to make your...

Dainty Donuts Pencil Erasers


You'll want to eat your words Made a mistake? Donut fret! Erase in style with our Dainty Donuts Pencil Erasers! This cute eraser set comes with half a dozen donut erasers that will make your pencil made mistakes disappear in a sweet looking way. Dainty...