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Douchebag Nasty Notes

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Finally a sticky notepad made to call out the douchie, the douchier and the douchiest!  Douche-ism is a silent killer that is slowly spreading across the world.  Douche-ism is not limited to race, gender or location and unless you know you are carrying the Douche-ism virus, there is no cure.  Now, isn't it your job to help the world by calling out douches everywhere?  Why not use a Douchebag Nasty Note?

Get noticed with the most effective and colorful form of communication known to man profanity.  With our ultra-witty yet oh-so-useful sticky notes, your notes will never get lost in the shuffle again!  With options like "Douchebag Alert on your left" and "I Didn't Realize You Were A Douchebag Until" you'll never find yourself lacking ways to notify douchebags that they're well a douchebag!

Douchebag Nasty Notes include two 3 inch long x 3 inch wide notepads that contain 100 sheets each.