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Drink Markers + Coasters

Whether you're a wine drinker or a beer drinker, we have an awesome selection of fun drink markers and coasters to choose from!  They will elevate any occasion to the next level, and make excellent gift ideas from the mild mannered partygoer to the hostess with the mostess!

Water Logged Tree Stump Coasters


What wood you do if someone ruined your favorite piece of furniture in the thick of your party?  Wood you be fluming mad and tell them cedar later or would you just leaf it alone? No need to branch out and find new friends just yet because our...

Slap Happy Slap Bracelet Beer Tags


Time to get Slap Happy Drunk?   Next time you plan on going out and getting slap happy drunk, throw on one of our Slap Happy Slap Bracelet Beer Tags around your wrist!  Then when the time comes to throw a few back, just slap one on your beer...

Wine Charmers Drink Markers


Our full-bodied Wine Charmers Drink Markers are four handsome chaps who'd like to get to know you over a glass of wine.  Muscles galore as they bicep curl the stem of your glass... they're enough to make any Cabernet Sauvignon blush! Imagine. It's...

Rainbow Wine Stopper + Drink Marker Set


Our Rainbow Wine Stopper and Drink Marker Set is a sure way to brighten up your party! No only does it let each party-goer mark their wine glass, it also lets you cork your wine with a fun cloud and a rainbow. Bring the Rainbow Wine Stopper &...

Bosom Buddies Drink Markers


Not to be confused with Buffy and Hildegarde (from one of the best sitcoms of the 80's) these Bosom Buddies aren't a drag, and they're only looking to occupy your drink not your low rent apartment! Don'’t let the ladies have all the fun with their drink...

Chameleon Social Climbers Wine Charms


Leaping lizards!  Our clingy Chameleon Social Climbers Wine Charms sure do make it easy to find your wine in a crowd! If you're ready for a change, these little fellas are the perfect rainbow-hued characters for your next party! While most...

My Tai Tropical Drink Markers


Add a tropical touch to your drinks! Kick back, put your feet up, and relax - your drink isn't going anywhere! Our set of 6 My Tai Tropical Drink Markers are cute reusable drink umbrellas to mark your territory, just like your umbrella marks your plot...

Notes To Self Drunk Stirrers

$7.99 $4.00

Swizzle stick add flair to your drinks and our Notes To Self Drunk Stirrers do not fail to deliver! Your drinks will get mixed with an extra splash of personality using this set of charmingly vocal set of 4 drink stirrers. Use to combine the perfect...