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E-Racers and more Uncommon Gift Ideas at Perpetual Kid. Ahhhh - the wonders of technology.   Back in the day, we used to put staples into our erasers so that w

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Ahhhh - the wonders of technology.   Back in the day, we used to put staples into our erasers so that we could race them on our desks.   Our new E-Racers have four wheels and a pull back spring mechanism built in so all you have to do is establish the finish line, pull them back and then let go for some between class entertainment!

Our E-Racers can also be used in the office while you wait for the boss to show up 10 minutes late to the meeting that he scheduled... again.   Or when you're sitting on that pointless conference call and you're sick of Candy Crush and the same old Facebook updates.

The E-Racers are definitely the fastest way to erase and correct any of your writing or drawing mistakes!   Get your hands on our new E-Racers this season!   Ready, Set, Go!

Each measures a huge 4 inches long x 1 inch x wide.   Set includes two pull-back racing erasers and a (cut from the back of packaging) finish line.

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