Easter Basket Gifts

Easter Basket Gifts

Hippity Hop, Hop!   Hippity-hoppity!  Your Easter Basket is on its way!

Fairytale Fingernail Friends + Cuticle Tattoos


What's part sticker, part tattoo and totally awesome?  Our amazingly cute Fairytale Fingernail Friends Nail Stickers + Tattoos! This fairytale themed set is the fairest of them all!  With castles, carriage, frog princes, castles and more.. it's...

Barf Lollipop


Like, Gag Me With A Lollipop The ultimate gag gift... our Barf Lollipop is a deliciously fun way to share your utter disgust at a situation or person, or to just gross out the person you're closest with... just because you can. To up the puke factor this...

Sigmund Freud Candy Book


Tell Us More About Your Mother's CandySo... do you think your mom would like this candy?  Instead of containing the world-changing insights and observations of Sigmund Freud, our tiny Sigmund Freud Candy Book is full of banana-flavored candy...

We Had A Baby Carrot Socks


So Cute I Could Just Eat You SocksOur delightfully weird We Had A Baby Carrot Socks are just the thing you need to kick off your initiation into parenthood. We don't mean to leek any insider information, but they're pretty much guaranteed to bring some...