Easter Clip Chicks

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Stick a chick on it! Does your Easter hair-do need a little more life and style added to it?  Stick a chick on it!  Are those wires coming out of your computer the least cute thing youve ever seen?  Stick a chick on it!  Do you need a way to liven up your blind pulls?  Stick a chick on it!  Do birds refuse to sit on the branches of your tree because they are afraid of being eaten by one of your nine cats?  Stick a chick on it! 

Does nobody notice the delicious casseroles that you bring over for the Easter egg hunt? Stick a chick on it! Then everyone will tell you what a good cook you are!

With our Easter Clip Chicks, you can decorate any undecorated lines around you!  These fuzzy, pastel chickadees are attached to a clothespin for a secure clip!

Everything looks better with a bird on it!

Box of 8. Each chick measures 2 inches tall.  Chenille and wood.


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