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El Mono Robo Jr. Whim Wham

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What do you get when you take three instances of pop-culture phenomena and throw them into a blender of silliness?  A Whim Wham!  Each of these lovable characters are an agglomeration of gut wrenching adorableness represented in a super awesome plush toy!

Introducing... the fiercely agile and wickedly calculated wrestler known to the world as El Mono Robo Jr!  A trend mash-up of monkey + luchador + robot!

This badass hombre is a chimp off the ole block,  the legendary El Mono Robo Sr.!  Hailing from the northern region of the Yucatan Peninsula, he grew up on the streets of Cancun, where his dad worked as a cymbal clashing monkey in order to bring home food for the family.

After his dad's job was replaced by a wind-up monkey, El Mono Robo Sr. decided that he wasn't going to allow his dad's fate be his own.  Inspired by Iron Man, the lucha libre heroes of his day and the large sums of cash they would rank in, he set his sites on becoming a legend.  Which he did.  Oh, he did.

Yada yada yada...

El Mono Robo Jr. has evolved into an even more advanced fighting machine and proudly carries on his papa's name!  A legend in his own right, he has developed his own signature moves such as the Swirling Poop Rapido Kick, the Monkey See Monkey Poo Maneuver and of course the classic 01110111011100100110010101110011011101000110110001100101 binary code move that put him on the map!

Always super charged for excitement, his frenetic monkey energy will not let you down, unless he's pinned you down on the mat for count of 3!

Plush.  Measures approximately 9 inches tall x 7.5 inches wide.