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Emergency Outfits

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Weve heard you say it a million times... Ugh, I dont have anything to wear!  This can be a serious dilemma when youre in a hurry to get to a fancy party or nowhere in particular !  With our Emergency Outfits, all of your last minute wardrobe issues will be solved! 

Now in a flash you can be Pocahontas, a cowboy, a superhero, a hula girl or a pirate!  The best costume is wearing all 5 and unwrapping a layer every hour of the party!

Perfect for surprise costume parties (does this really happen?) and Halloween!   Headgear is not included.

Set of 5 disposable (very much resemble garbage bags) dress-up costumes.  Plastic.  One size fits most.  Each measures 31 inches long x 28 inches wide.