Emily McDowell & Friends

Conversation Starters Cocktail Napkins


Soul digging is always interesting Our Conversation Starters Cocktail Napkins are perfect for your next party. Especially when you're bring different friends together. Steer right around the initial...

Fun + Games Until Like 9PM Cocktail Napkins


You're just setting expectations Our Fun + Games Until Like 9PM Cocktail Napkins get real with your party people. Parties are fun. Games are fun. But taking your bra off after the party’s over...

Just About Out of F*cks Magnet


Well shit, it looks like you're just about out Our hilarious Just About Out of Fucks Magnet speaks your mind and lets everyone know that you're just about out of fucks... down to the last one...

Welcome To The Sh*t Show Friendship Card


You've been upgraded to VIP Our Welcome To The Shit Show Friendship Card is a fantastic card for any occasion. Of course this works really well for anyone that is entering something new, like...

Oh, For F*ck's Sake Magnet


When ugh just won't do! When a facepalm isn't enough, our Oh, For Fuck's Sake Magnet speaks for you. This cool magnet can read your mind and is equally effective at saying "F*** Off," "I forgive...

Behind Every Great Woman Friendship Card


Lift, support and love! Our Behind Every Great Woman Friendship Card is a thank you for being a true friend. Through the good and bad, getting ourselves out of jams and clinking our glasses to...