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Everything is Garbage Greeting Card


Everything's coming up roses garbage

Our wonderfully pithy Everything is Garbage Card is the perfect combination of cute and cranky.  This perky little ray of sunshine is a great any-time card to celebrate how simultaneously beautiful and trashy life can be!

  • Front: Everything is Garbage.
  • Inside: Blank for a personal message

Featuring blue skies, complete with a shiny happy sunshine, a blue bird chirping a love song, smiling flowers in full bloom, with a busy bumble bee enjoying the day. The bold purple text delivering this sarcastic message surely warrants a double-take and a good belly laugh!

  • Hand-printed on a vintage letterpress machine
  • 100% cotton paper made from reclaimed lint creates a tactile surface texture
  • 30% post-consumer recycled envelope, and packaged in a plant-based, biodegradable sleeve
  • Designed + handmade in Chicago, IL

Made in the USA! Eco-friendly. Heavy weight 100% cotton paper made from lint reclaimed in other industrial processes. Includes a 30% post-consumer recycled envelope and is packaged in a plant-based, biodegradable sleeve. A2 card measures 4.5 x 6.25 inches. Our Everything is Garbage Card is handmade at McBitterson's studio located in an old factory building in Chicago.

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