Exploding Popcorn Candy

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So let's think there's fresh popped popcorn, stoved popped popcorn, air popped popcorn, microwave popcorn, and kettle corn the natural progression of popcorn evolution has lead us to this very important moment in popped kernel history.

Please allow us to introduce you to our Exploding Popcorn Candy!   No longer will you have to wait for your popcorn to pop - that's so 2013.   Just throw back these tasty buttered flavored carbonated candies in your mouth and POP POP POP POP until they stop.

This is the only way to get the two best parts of popcorn, butter and popping, actually in your mouth at the same time!   Turns your tongue into a virtual air popper and tastes much better than microwave popcorn!

Two .35 oz packets of carbonated candy.   Butter-flavored carbonated candy.

CAUTION:   We do not recommend consuming these in a public movie theater.   Unless of course you only want to make it as far as the opening credits before you suffer an intervention.


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