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Fuckoff Socks
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F*ckoff Socks

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Our Fuckoff Socks are the answer to your dream of slackers and lolligaggers coming with some sort of a warning label. 

Now our Fuckoff Socks are not to be confused with Fuck Off socks. While both seem equally useful and entertaining to wear, there is a distinct difference between a fuckoff and telling someone to well... fuck off. Basically fuckoff is the noun version of the verb phrase fuck off.

Fuckoffs are the slackers and lollygaggers of the world. The skilled procrastinators with years of experience under their belts. Now while it's very likely that you would like to tell one of these individuals to fuck off, you can now hopefully understand the difference.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way. We'd have to say that there are somedays these socks define us to a tee, and we wear them with absolute glee! (insert internal monologue) "No I'm not going to fucking do that, it's my day off, I've earned the right to be a fuckoff today. You fucking do it." See! Perfect socks to wear on your day off.

However, if you know a habitual fuckoff who can't seem to take responsibility for their fuckups, are basically worthless swindlers preying on the kindness of others, and you've come to realize they are just a waste of your time - these are great for them too! But chances are you've already done too much for them, so buying these these awesome socks as a gift, is again you being to nice. And to be honest they don't fucking deserve it. So treat yourself to a pair! You deserve it!

One pair of delightfully vulgar slang socks, in red/white/blue. Fits Men's size 7-10 and Women's size 9-12. A wonderful gift for those skilled in the art of profanity and fucking off. Ferris Bueller approved, our Fuckoff Socks are perfect for a day of playing hookie!