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#1 Fan "Foam" Finger Greeting Card


It's super fan-tastic!

We've really gotta hand it to our #1 Fan "Foam" Finger Card!  It's a super cute way to show your support for the that special someone!

Made for die-hard fans, this die-cut cardboard greeting card is crafted in the likeness of the iconic foam finger design seen worldwide at sporting events.

It's a perfectly none-threatening way to let someone know that you're their #1 fan! (Ya know, instead of that creepy Kathy Bates in Misery kind of way) More like a drunk sports fan cheering on their favorite team!

  • A cheerful, cheer-full, greeting!
  • Faux-foam finger design
  • Perfect for pinning on your message board
  • Flat greeting card, does not open, write your message on the back

An adorable way to say thanks, or show your appreciation for your recipient's general awesomeness!

One "foam" finger design white letterpress printed on red cover stock. Includes manila mailing envelope. Measures approximately 4.875 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide. Our #1 Fan "Foam" Finger Card... we're not worthy!

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