Farts Are Funny

Sneak a squeak at our hilarious selection of fart gifts. Whoopee cushion pool floats, sound machines, delicious Bag of Unicorn, Cat, Bunny, Dino, and more Farts! You know what doesn't stink? These fartabulous gifts!

Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum


Be sure to over share. A cup of coffee and a roll of toilet paper... a perfectly fine way to start the day! Popping a piece of our invigorating Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum is like brewing up a pot of relief!  You may not be irregular around here, so...

Fartzooka Fart Machine


Farts Are Funny!Have a gas with our super cheeky Fartzooka!   Highly addictive, like your Aunt Meg's bean and cheesy nacho dip, you won't want to put it down!   Just pull back, grip and let 'er rip! You can fine tune your instrument with the...

Damn Dude! Lavatory Mist


Because lighting a match around all of that gas doesn't seem like a good idea. Our Damn Dude! Lavatory Mist is made with fragrant essential oils to avoid cheap perfume fog and butt smog. Two quick squirts in the toilet before you squat and that Taco Bell...

Swamp Ass Hand Sanitizer


Our Swamp Ass Hand Sanitizer will crack you up! Get it? Crack! Butt crack! We're hilarious. Swamp ass attacks when you least expect it. And also, when you most expect it. Basically, it can happen at anytime. Wipe away worries and your sweaty,...

Pooping At Work Hand Sanitizer


So one minute you're looking your colleagues in the eye, working on work stuff.  The next minute you're seperated by mere inches of a bathroom stall with your pants down.  Down!Is the hand dryer at the office just recycling all those fart germs...