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Farts Are Funny

Sneak a squeak at our hilarious selection of fart gifts. Whoopee cushion pool floats, sound machines, delicious Bag of Unicorn, Cat, Bunny, Dino, and more Farts! You know what doesn't stink? These fartabulous gifts!

Total Eclipse Of The Fart Lavatory Mist


A fresh remix of an old favorite, our Total Eclipse Of The Fart Lavatory Mist by Blue Q is on track to be a hit in the bathroom! You need this now, tonight.  You need this more than ever. (Especially if it's Taco Tuesday.) Whether you farted or...

The Floater Gigantic Poop


OMG - Did Becky just drop the kids off at the pool? With our Gigantic Fake Poo Floater, you can now falsely accuse the little rugrats and have the pool all to yourself.  As soon as they're out of sight... Adult Swim!   Not limited to...

Would Definitely Sh*t Here Again Lavatory Mist


A cheeky gift for your favorite afi-shit-ionado our Would Definitely Shit Here Again Lavatory Mist will alert visitors to your impressive bathroom rating, and provide them with some reading material while they take a load off! Or is it pinch a loaf off?...

Damn Dude! Lavatory Mist


Because lighting a match around all of that gas doesn't seem like a good idea. Our Damn Dude! Lavatory Mist is made with fragrant essential oils to avoid cheap perfume fog and butt smog. Two quick squirts in the toilet before you squat and that Taco Bell...

Who Let The Logs Out Lavatory Mist


Who? Who? Who? Seriously though, WHO is responsible for our Who Let The Logs Out Lavatory Mist? Baha Men, we're looking at you. Scented with citrus and mint, and a hint of green moss, you can almost forget that it's sole purpose in life is to shield your...

President Of Local Gas Company Men's Socks


It's hard to believe it all started in the mailroom. Some guys just have that special "something" that makes them a good fit for our President of the Local Gas Company Men's Crew Socks. Maybe it's the meal planning? Maybe it's the finger pulling? Some...

Uranus Lavatory Mist


And now, for an in-depth look into Uranus Lavatory Mist... Blah blah blah, something about gaseous planets... enough with the fluff, already! Here's the deal: "Uranus" is never not funny. So, we ran with it. Butt, in case you didn't know... Uranus's...

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