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Fart Wallet

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BigMouth, Inc.

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With our zoot tootin' Fart Wallet people are sure to take notice.  Just open it up and it makes a rip roaring farting sound!  
A hilarious gift for your most gaseous friend or relative (Dad, we're looking at you).  A sure fire way to get the party sharted!
To add to the gag, inside the wallet there is a fake Fart License and two tickets to Gone with Wind!
So, maybe - just maybe - the next time you're pulled over for going 40 in a 35 and the police officer asks to see your license and registration... they'll chuckle and let you off with a warning.**
Folded it measures approximately 4 inches wide x .5 deep x 5 long inches.  Has two compartments to hold your bills.  
**Results will vary.