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Farting Champion Of The World Trophy

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Life Lesson 101:   Farts are funny.  
Honor the gloriously flatulent person in your life with our soon-to-be-cherished Farting Champion of the World Trophy!   While we don't mean to toot our own horn... they sure excel at tooting theirs! (Especially after scarfing down a bean burrito bowl at the local taco stand.) Show them the respect they deserve!
Maybe you're having trouble breaking wind the ice on telling your significant other that his dutch oven shenanigans are killing the romance (and wilting your plants)?   Soften the blow before you let er rip, by honoring his super cheese cutting ability with this ego stroking award, before you lay down the law.
Since the World Farting Champion contest is held in Finland and that is just too far away to compete have your own farting contest instead!   A great gift for a mother of all boys to bestow upon on the smelliest fart off the old block o' cheese!
Made from the cheapest shittiest materials we could find, because even the strongest of materials may not survive their next gaseous blast.
Crappy hollow plastic.   Measures approximately 8 inches tall x 4 inches wide x 4 inches deep.   Silent butt deadly.