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Faux-Real Fast Food Sandwich Boxes



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Make that to go, please

A throwback to the carefree days when fast food restaurants were all the rage and you shamelessly begged your parents to let you have your birthday party at the one with the best outdoor playground... Our Fast-Food Style Sandwich Box adds a taste of nostalgia with a side of fun!

Whip up your own creation to take to work or school!  We bet it will look better than it does in the commercials!

Did we mention this is a set of two, so pack a lunch for you and your work BFF!

Includes 2 faux-Styrofoam containers; 1 blue and 1 green.  High quality, easy-to-clean plastic.  Hand-wash recommended.  Unfolded each measures approximately 11.6 inches long x 5.1 inches wide x 2.3 inches tall.

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