Fireplace Cologne Spray

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Since the invention of the electric fireplace we aren't sure how many people remember the warm and smoky smell of a real burning fireplace!   Those of you who cherish this comforting scent will more than appreciate the smell of our Fireplace Cologne Spray.  

When wearing this you will feel a touch of warmth, coziness and a quaintness!   It smells exactly like your sweater after spending hours cuddled in front of a wood fire!
Demeter creates scents that are drawn from memories to transport a person back to a special place or time.

Everyone has a personal library of meaningful smells.   The memories they trigger are somehow more intense than those we dredge up by conscious effort.   It's as if smell provides a shortcut to our deepest memories and brings them back complete with the emotions and sensations we felt at the time.

1.0 fl oz


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