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Flying Butterfly Greeting Card Insert


Make your greeting card wishes fly with a butterfly surprise!

Back by popular demand, our Flying Butterfly is a classic novelty item from years gone by!  Surprise your friends when one of these flies out of a letter, book, card, magazine, etc.  This beauty flies up to 10 feet in the air!

  • All ready to wind up and insert in a letter, envelope, book or birthday card!  This stealthy butterfly lays flat, ready to fly out, when opened.
  • Our flying Magic Flying Butterfly comes to you ready to go.  Use it over and over again for some real fun!  Easy to do!

Comes in assorted colors... a butterfly will choose you!  Send one to a friend to start a butterfly effect chain reaction of happiness!

Includes one random color and pattern Flying Butterfly.  Made of paper and rubber.  Measures 5 inches wide x 4.5 inches tall.

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