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For Fuck's Sake Handkerchief


Yes, for the sake of fucks already.

Our very lady-like For Fuck's Sake Handkerchief is just the the hanky you'll need to get you through the ups and downs of life, and the unexpected curve ball of a year. Be prepared for whatever get's thrown your way, while keeping your sense of humor close at hand.  

  • "For Fuck's Sake" 100% cotton hankie
  • Flowery language, floral design, fancy script, and the mother of all cuss words
  • A dry cheeky gift for anyone who survived 2020

Cheer up buttercup! We swear, it's snot so bad!  A good-humored, empathetic present for a friend or loved one that's going through a tough time or rough breakup. (BTW, quit sobbing over that SOB. He's the definition of a tear-JERK-er.)

100% cotton hankie. Hand wash and dry flat.  Features a colorful floral design with scalloped edges, and fancy script typeface. Measures approximately 12 inches square. Our Fuck's Sake Handkerchief is a hysterical way to keep your wits about you, and your cheeks dry.

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