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Fortune Notes Stickies + Eraser Set
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Fortune Notes Stickies + Eraser Set

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We predict that our Fortune Notes Stickies + Eraser Set will be the perfect way to pen daily affirmations or subtle reminders. What luck!

Be a smart cookie and pen your own prophecies, pithy statements, and self-evident truths and share the wealth with your friends! As Confucius Say... 

  • Man who make mistake in elevator is wrong on many levels.
  • Man you farts in church sits in his own pew.
  • Before giving someone a piece of your mind, make sure you have enought to spare.
  • Man who run in front of bus get tired. Man who run behind bus get exhausted.
  • I never said any of that shit.

Hopefully, that brought you some laughs and a dose of inspiration! We're sure that you're now up for the challenge of writing witty predictions and humorously sharing your infinite wisdom. It's a small thoughtful gift that won't cost you a small fortune.In fact,yourfriends will appreciate your thoughtful sense of humor and will feel very fortunate to have you in their lives. How's that for a prediction? Boom!

Each set contains two 100-sheet mini sticky notepads and a fortune cookie eraser made of BPA-free TPR. YouÂ’'ll wonton use our Fortune Notes Stickies + Eraser Set at home and the office!