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Gift Ideas

Fresh Popcorn Hot Buttered Erasers

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Erase your errors in a jiffy pop with our Fresh Popcorn Hot Buttered Erasers!

Forseriously, there's no reason to get all salty next time you need to correct an error! That's right, it's time to flip the script because these erasers are piping hot fun! You get a box full of 12 perfect puffs, ready to pop through all of your mistakes - without the buttery residue!

These clever erasers are the perfect compliment to your pencil case for those days when your teacher surprises you with a pop quiz! Maybe you're looking to dispense a kernel of truth, but want to be extra careful and sincere with your delivery, so you don't leave them reeling. Everyone knows there's nothing like a handwritten letter! Whether you're working out math problems or boy problems via a heated session of MASH these erasers will make your efforts all the more entertaining!

A funny corny gift for co-workers, students, sisters, brothers, moms, and pops! And make no mistake about it, movie lovers will find it to be a box office hit! You'd butter believe it!

Includes 12 popcorn kernel shaped erasers. Made of BPA-free TPR, each colorful “popcorn box” is packed in a protective clear package. Our Fresh Popcorn Hot Buttered Erasers are a delicious gift for popcorn lovers and moviegoers!


Gift Ideas

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