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Fruit Stripe Throwback Gum



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What childhood tastes like!

Every one remembers Fruit Stripe Original Gum and it's intense aromas, fruity flavors and of course the temporary tattoos. Usually found at the checkout aisle at grocery stores, it was an impulse purchase that exploded in your mouth for about 30 seconds... at best.  Our generation learned with disappointment felt like early on... now it's time to show your kids!

Fruit Stripe has become such a nostalgia item that everyone is introducing the experience to their kids! Just seeing those bright colors on the packaging makes me want to say, "Mmmom?" out loud.

5 delicious (and short lived) juicy flavors!

  • Wet N Wild Melon
  • Cherry
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Peach Smash

Each pack of Fruit Stripe Original Gum has 17 sticks of of fruity chewing gum, 5 delicious flavors, fun surprise and assorted temporary tattoos.

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