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Clean With Color Glittery Hand Sanitizer


Always dirty, at least their hands are clean!

Kids will always want to explore and touch everything but they've never been huge fans of cleaning and washing their hands... till now. Our Clean with Color Hand Sanitizer encourages kids to sanitize their hands with a colorful creation from the mind of Crazy Aaron! Yeah, the putty guy!

Made from top-quality ingredients, this fresh gel features layers of colors and shimmering glitter. Plus, the artistic designs add extra fun and whimsy to the healthy habit featuring space, fantasy, ocean life or dinosaurs. Kids will be looking forward to little squirt to clean their hands!

  • Space Mission - Red, blue, light blue
  • Dinosaur Adventure - Light blue, green, yellow
  • Under the Sea - Yellow, pink, purple
  • Fantasy Castle - Light blue, pink, green

Each bottle of Clean with Color Hand Sanitizer is 120ml (4oz), greater than 65% alcohol, FDA approved and proudly made in the USA.

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